Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feb 13th Python ORM's

Theme: Python ORM's

Primary Presentation
BloxAlchemy: Rick Copeland
proprietary project called BloxAlchemy. Basically, it's a SQLAlchemy-like layer on top of a proprietary logical (Prolog-like) database. So where SA is Objects->SQL Generation->Database, BA is more like Objects->SQL Generation->Logic Generation->Database. Rick will include a brief intro to what a logical DB is, what it's good/bad for, and why BA solves a "hard" problem.

Axiom: 10 min Lightening talk by Cary Hull and/or Drew Smathers: http://divmod.org/tra...
Storm: 10 min Lightening talk by Noah Gift: https://storm.canonic...

If you want to help give a presentation please email me.