Sunday, October 14, 2007

PyAtl Meeting Notes, Thursday, Oct. 11th: Zope Technologies

First Presentation:

Derek Richardson gave a presentation on Plone 3. He talked about some of the features of Plone 3 and how to correctly configure a new Plone 3 site. We also briefly talked about moving the PyAtl website to Plone.

Second Presentation:

Drew Smathers gave a talk on the Zope 3 Component Architecture, and also talked about Grok

Nov Meeting Plans:

Toby Ho suggested a GUI showdown, and everyone liked the idea. The format for the November
meeting will be:

Small Roundtable Discussion depending on the number of GUI Presenters.
Multiple, 10 Minute Lightening Talks, as many as we can squeeze in and get out by 9PM.

Here is a list of Python GUIs, from the Python wiki:

Presenters So Far:

Cary Hull: Pyglet
Jeremy Jones: PyGTK 2.0
Noah Gift: Cocoa/Python/Leopard

We probably have room for 3-5 more 10 minute presentations, here are my suggestions

Suggestions for potential presenters:

Toby since you brought it up, are you going to volunteer?

TkInter: Bernard?
Jython: Howard?

Miscellaneous Happenings:

LinkedIn Group:

Thanks to another great suggestion by Doug Hellmann, we now have a Linked In PyAtl Group. Please feel free to invite yourself and I will approve the queue:

Here is the invitation link:

PyAtl Blog:

I will be making a few changes on the main website as we prepare to eventually move to Plone, but in the meantime, in the spirit of "something is better than nothing". We have a blogger account that any and all members of PyAtl can contribute to.

PyAtl Community Blog

Recommended Use:

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2. Try to use tags when you post. For example, I am posting this under "Meeting Notes, Next Meeting Organization, Announce, Community Blog. It is best if you can use previous tags that another person has created.
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