Sunday, May 11, 2008

May PyAtl Meeting


The May meeting was a lot of fun. I gave a talk on a silly Google App Engine application I wrote. You can test it out, and grab the source code here: Rick Thomas gave a much more in depth look at Google App Engine, and explained a lot about the architecture, and the Datastore API. Doug Hellmann gave a special announcement about Python Magazine:, you can get three months free. Finally Brandon Rhodes gave yet another last minute lightening talk, on the topic of lexical closures.

For June we will be covering Functional Programming in Python as our theme. So far Toby Ho will do the introduction and reduce, I will cover itertools and generators, Rick Thomas, and Brandon are giving presentations which are TBD. Hopefully we can have another comprehensive blowout of the topic with many short presentations. Please volunteer for a topic and make sure we cover every last detail of functional programming. I sense Rick Copeland and Jeremy Jones need to give a presentation, so hopefully they volunteer as well :) For reference on topics to select for the meeting please reference this article: One immediate topic we are missing that comes to mind is this:

You can RSVP to the June 12th meeting here:

In order to get better planning for pre-PyAtl dinners, I have created another meetup page just for the 6PM-7PM dinner. You can RSVP for that for June here:

It appears there is interest in meeting once a month on a Saturday morning to work with Google App Engine projects and collaborate with people. This will be an ongoing event. There is a cross country Pylons sprint that will end up being the first Google App Engine Monthly meeting, as we are combining the two events. You can book it here:, and the group to discuss atlanta google app engine coding is here: Note this is going to be at White Wolf headquarters, and I will have the location as soon as I get it.

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